Will AI Take Over Jobs in Cybersecurity? Quite the Opposite – Example of XSS in Zoomin!

ai vs security

In the context of the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields, the question of its impact on the job market in cybersecurity is becoming increasingly relevant. On one hand, automation and intelligent systems can significantly speed up and streamline processes related to data and IT infrastructure protection…. Continue reading

Cracking a password-protected PDF in seconds – PZU and their illusory protection. NN Investment Partners also repeats these bad practices.

łamanie pdf z hasłem

The illusion of security is worse than the awareness of its absence because it leads to decisions made on false premises. Information conveyed by public trust institutions such as “We protect your personal data” often creates this illusion of security. Let’s study two examples of this using password-protected PDF files…. Continue reading

Guide to cybersecurity certificates with ranking

certyfikaty z cyberbezpieczeństwaa

Cybersecurity certifications are becoming an indispensable part of any IT specialist’s career. On various forums, many beginners ask similar questions: “Is certificate A or B a good choice?” While certifications don’t guarantee employment as money doesn’t guarantee happiness, they can significantly enrich your resume when entering the job market. Proper… Continue reading