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Hi traveler,

My name is Michael and I set up this site to share my knowledge in security, computer science and 3D printing.

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Some interesting things about me:

  • I started my computer adventure at the age of just a few years after contacting my brother's Commodore 64.
  • For the first PC of the PC class consisted of my siblings, and the first game I "compressively" played on it was Midtown Madness.
  • I started contacting the Internet by spending time chatting in cafes and waking up on the web in public libraries.
  • The fascination with mobile operating systems turned into a violation of Symbian, its all kinds of modifications including running on The Nokii N82 Windows or Queake.
  • In computer science, I started playing with the Linux operating system and network security research.
  • As a teenager, I "played" in winning prizes in online competitions.
  • Living in a dorm enriched me with the knowledge that there is such a thing as 'sniffing' or 'arp poisoning'.
  • I was screwed into 3d printing technology by a colleague of mine folding his printer out of waste from old scanners and inkjet printers. My first 3d printer was Monkeyfab Prime, and I am currently printing on prusa MK2S.
  • In 2018, I started my own company providing IT security services.
  • I like to learn new knowledge and share it, hence the idea for this site 🙂
  • On YT under the links below you can find videos in which I tell about myself, your work and safety:

  • As I recall something I'll add …


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