Gyroscopic rotomat is something for watch collectors

Until recently, I knew almost nothing about the existence and operation of mechanical watches. Infected by my brother's passion for this subject, I decided to study the knowledge in this field. That's how I found a very substantive channel about watches by Krzyśk Humeniuk – TikTalk

It went on fast. The first vending machine and the idea of building a rotomate, which by imitating the movements of the wrist would take care of winding the drive spring. Thanks to this, the timer can indicate the time in principle continuously and does not require systematic manual winding.

The project required several things to be co-ordaed:

  • 3D printed parts
3D printed parts
  • microcontroller arduino uno (I at the insuce of a colleague I used arduino nano) – to buy here – CLICK
arduino nano
  • stepper motor 28BYJ-48 5V with control system – available for purchase here – CLICK
stepper motor 28BYJ-48 5V
  • bisttable switch with plug – available for purchase here – CLICK
bi-stable switch
  • Cable
  • LED diodes
  • DC 5V power supply – available for purchase here – CLICK
  • screws M3x10mm, M3x16mm, M3x20mm
  • knowledge, time and patience, as is often the case with such projects 🙂
soldering arduino

The whole is connected according to the following scheme:

connection diagram

The greatest difficulty caused me to connect the switch wires accordingly, so that when I press the button, its backlight lights up and goes out with the system turned off.

The rotomate control code is based on an infinite loop, which is responsible for moving the stepper motor every 1000ms left and right for 5 min followed by a 5 min break.

Rotomat control code

The layout after folding looks like this:

Layout after folding

Its action can be seen in the video below:
gyroscopic rotomat

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