Most useful plugins for Burp Suite

This post is a supplement to my presentation at The Hack Summit 2023, where I will demonstrate how to accelerate and streamline web application penetration testing using several plugins for Burp Suite.

Below is a compilation of the most useful plugins for Burp Suite that I personally use. Some of them are not available in the built-in BApp Store, but you can easily find them on the creators’ GitHub repositories.

  • ATOR: Automates the login process for applications and maintains an active session.
  • Backslash Powered Scanner: Adds non-traditional test types to Burp’s active scanner, enabling the detection of atypical server behavior.
  • Collabfiltrator: Assists in exfiltrating output data from remote code executions through DNS using Burp Collaborator.
  • Hackvertor: Tool for quick conversion of various encodings, including HTML5, hexadecimal, octal, Unicode, and URL encoding.
  • http Request Smuggler: Used to search for vulnerabilities related to request smuggling security issues.
  • Java Deserialization Scanner: Finds vulnerabilities related to Java deserialization errors.
  • J2EEScan: Adds over 80 unique tests to the scanner to identify errors in J2EE applications.
  • JSON Web Tokens: Allows for decoding and manipulating JWT tokens, checking their validity, and automating attacks.
  • JS Miner: Helps find interesting things in static files, mainly in JavaScript and JSON files.
  • .NET Beautifier: Improves the readability of .NET requests.
  • OAUTH Scan: Detects vulnerabilities in OAUTHv2/OpenID security.
  • Param Miner: Identifies hidden parameters in requests.
  • RegexFinder: Enables passive scanning of server responses for regular expression patterns.
  • Request Timer: Measures server response time and compares it between individual requests.
  • Retire.js: Integrates Burp Suite with the Retire.js repository to detect vulnerable JavaScript libraries.
  • SAML Raider: Burp Suite extension for testing SAML infrastructures.
  • Turbo Intruder: Enables very fast sending of a large number of HTTP requests and analyzes responses.
  • Upload Scanner: Automates the discovery of security errors related to file uploads on the server.
  • Autorize: Assists in detecting authorization-related errors.
  • AutoRepeater: Allows for automatic repetition of requests with added elements.
  • Hopla: Adds autocomplete and context menu selection features for popular payloads used in attacks.

If you know of other plugins that significantly facilitate your work, please share them in the comments.

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