Identification of technologies used on websites – Wappalyzer

During the penetration test, the reconnaissance phase is the most important element of all "fun". It is she who gives direction to the next steps. Therefore, it is important to approach it with due care and get as much information as possible about our goal.

The technologies used to build web applications carry a specific class of threats and potential attacks. In identifying these technologies with the help of us will come a browser plugin – Wappalyzer.

It will inform us, among other things, about:

  • CMS used
  • widgets used
  • analytical scripts
  • blog engine
  • comment system
  • type of server used
  • programming languages used
  • cdn used
  • marketing automation systems
  • database engine
  • tag managers
  • reverse proxy used
  • UI frameworks
  • A/B test engines
  • javascript libraries
  • email systems

Download plugin version on Chrome here – CLICK , and in the Version on Firefox here – CLICK

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